Jenn Krauss

Ministry Team Leader

Jenn Krauss has been on staff with InterVarsity at UC San Diego since 2013. She is gifted in evangelism and has a passion for making sure every student has the opportunity to experience and encounter God. She is currently the Ministry Team Leader of the campus with a focus on small group ministries. She has also had a focus on the following ministries during her time on staff: Freshmen, off-campus bible studies, new to faith discipleship and bible studies, and homeless impact ministry.

Jenn graduated from UC San Diego with a B.S. in Psychology and a double minor in Education Studies and Dance. She is currently a part time MDiv student at North Park University.

Her current favorite hobbies are cooking new recipes in her Instant Pot, puzzles, and fun and silly board/ party games (ex. Exploding Kittens).

Jenn is an Enneagram 6 (the "loyalist"). Her top 5 strength finders are Futuristic, Includer, Achiever, Ideation, and Woo. She is also an extrovert.

Jenn's favorite part of her job is fun, silly, and deep conversations with students. So, if you are a student and reading this, please reach out! Jenn would be glad to buy you coffee and learn more about your life story.


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